Saturday, June 18, 2016

Quality vs. Quantity

Over the years, I’ve encountered different circumstances in my life that somehow changed my perception on things or people around me. I always thought having so much around you, like gadgets, clothes, shoes, bags and all the good stuffs in the world regardless of its worth  are what matter most. Same goes with having plenty of friends, I’m always thinking that if you have countless of peers you are less likely to be alone and you will have shoulders to cry or to lean on. Well, at some point in our lives, quantity did matters to us not until you’ve finally learned that above all of these, it’s quality that counts.

I’ve come to know now that it’s not really the number of things that you possessed or countless of friends in your life that you have that counts but it’s how useful or sensible they have been throughout these years. I know, it’s hard to just let things go especially when your life has been attached to it for so long but I also realized that if that certain thing has no use anymore, it’s best to just dropped it down rather than stressing yourself fixing it.

 This can be applied too in your camaraderie. Time will really come that some of your friends you thought are real will unconsciously or intently betray you in a way that you didn’t expect. Since that time I learned about it and unfortunately experienced it, I have these trust issues already. It doesn’t matter to me anymore whether I only have one or two friends left as long as they are genuine to the extent that even if I’m not around, she doesn’t hit my back. I mean, I’m through with fake friends. I’m done with those type of friends who keep pulling you down, treat you as their adversary, keeping a secret from you, and lying at you. I'm not even sure if they should still be considered as friends. I don’t need a pain in the arse. I’m fed up with people who are only good when they needed something from you. It’s true that too much is bad for you so why waste time with people who bring you so much stress when you have some few true friends to fill your life with happiness, right? Let’s start living a life with quality of friends that lessen our agony in this world full of fake and treacherous people.

So yes, better yet, start unloading some of those baggage you are carrying and just focus on the things that only matters now. 

Czarinna, a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian by profession who enjoys dressing up, exploring new places and adventures. .

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