Hello! I’m Czarinna, a Nutritionist Dietitian from a province in Southern Philippines who is currently based in Metro Manila.  I’m a woman full of interest in almost everything and happened to be more insterested in exploring new places and meeting different individuals that influenced me to become more consistent in pursuing my dreams, goals and ambitions in life.

As for this blog existence, it’s my passion for Fashion and Traveling that triggers me to give blogging another try thus the title of this Blog is The Czarinna Getaway, a combination of two- Dressing up and going somewhere. Both are something that excite me and I would feel more contented when I share about it to everyone but ofcourse not for boasting but to somehow inspire others and give them a little help about a certain situation.

And other than that when I say inspiration, I don’t mean physical attributes only or how I think but I want my experiences to speak for myself and let others be encouraged by it to get on with their lives in spite of all the hard rocks being thrown at them. Life is meant to be celebrated. We only live once so let’s grasp life and enjoy the moment! Cheers! Aimer la vie!

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