Sunday, March 31, 2019

What a coincidence.

Funny how things unfold on its own when you don't try to control it. You'll be amazed of those things you just let to happen and decided to just go with it.

Today, I went outside after a few days of just staying in the house. Upon going out, I already had my plans as to where should I go or what to see. However, I'm being skeptical whether I should push through it since I'm not familiar with those places so what happened next is "wow! God is truly amazing" kind of moment.

I was in the train already when I began having second thoughts about my plans because apart from not being familiar with the place, I think it's already late to go there plus I have nobody with me to take my pictures! Haha I should buy tripod earlier as part of the plan but it just didn't happen for some reason although now I understand why. :)  so what I did, I spontaneously went out of the train when it stopped in one station and then just walked through out of it and chaaaran! I found myself in Raffles City walking, taking photos of me with my camera on self timer mode. while looking for some spots I accidentally encountered this girl asking me how to get to the Merlion Park which at the moment is under maintenance. And this is where everything has started with my new found friend.

Since she's alone and I am too, we decided to go together to the park and other places nearby. Now, i instantly found someone to take my photos, same with her! :) So in the midst of walking and talking, I suddenly asked her something  I'm not sure how did that came out of my out, I just felt the need to ask it, it just happened and then boom! I got her answers. After learning that we both have the same plans, I was like "wow! God!". How was that, of all the people out there earlier, I was the one she chose to ask about that direction. wow! God must really be so gooood.  Not to mention, we are in the same flight as well. I just learned about it tonight. God!! Everything truly happens for a reason.

Days ago, I was so worried, nervous and lack of sleep. I can't stop myself feeling anxious as I'm about to do something big, risky and scary. Throughout those days and nights until now, I never stop praying for God to take away all of those negative things I'm feeling and trust him to lead me the way. Thank God he gave me few real ones to help me lessen that anxiety. What happened today is just a demonstration that God really do listens to us, he knows what's we need even if we can't find the words to say them. He is God. It reminded me of this verse Jeremiah 29:11. Indeed, keep that Faith you have yours in God because God's plans are always something better than ours, immeasurable and wonderful once it unfolds. Now, I felt like my worries and fears has just gone away. Thank God for today. ❤

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

I Miss my dog

If ever you're wondering what came up to me to come up a blog about my dog well, here it is, I miss him so much I cry (literally).

Getting a dog was never in my plan or part of my #LifeGoals for so many reasons. To name a few, I got bitten by a dog when I was still young and that is more than enough to say why I should not own one but aside from that, I don't wanna get attached to any of its kind because they are real heartbreakers. You feed them, take care of them, even treat them like your child then one day, they leave you all of sudden. So yes, why would I l? Right?

However, your heart wants what it wants no matter how much you try not to. And so one day, I bought a dog and named it Finn. It was one of those decisions i made in my life that i didn't bother to think about more deeply. It just happened so fast without even knowing that there's more than just getting bitten or attached, that owning a dog comes with a great GREAT RESPONSIBILITY.

 It was a bad decision. In my whole life, never did I ever imagine myself waking up 2 in the morning just to wipe a pee or poop of a dog, or stay up late at night just to check if the dog is already asleep. I never thought I would panic like that when I learned that a dog of mine ate his own or other animal's poop, ingested a battery, and consumed objects that they shouldn't. I never thought i could run or move that fast when my dog decided to sneak around and out of the house when he gets the chance to. And oh this one, I never thought I'm capable of handling a situation where I'm tasked to clean up first thing in the morning the scattered notebooks and papers my dog came up with while everybody are sleeping. see? It wasn't easy. It was a struggle. A struggle I didn't mind while taking care of my baby.

After everything Finn had put me through, I realized one thing - He changed me. Finn changed me in a way I thought I will never be. Look, who would have thought I survived those things? My dog taught me to be patient, kind, and selfless. He turned me into a loving human being. Honestly, i've never been this passionate and caring towards other animals. Finn made it happen.

I miss him sooooo much it hurts. I never knew it's possible to miss a dog as much as I do to him now. I just wanna hug my baby and let him kiss me all over my face. There's no place I'd rather be but just beside him now. It will take us years before we see each other again but the moment I'll see him again, i won't let my baby go. God! Please take care of my Finn. I love him so much. 😭😭😭

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Hi! I guess I'm back. This is spontaneous. Just bumped onto someone's blog and I feel like I want to do it again but unlike before, I wanna make it more personal now. I want this blog to be an avenue for me to confess or open up about things happening to me

A lot of things have been happening lately and mostly just happened without even thinking deeply about it or plan it beforehand.  Everything feels like happening so fast.

January- I spontaneously asked my sister to book a ticket to Singapore for me.

Febraury - I got engaged. Wow. Then, left Philippines.

March- currently in Malaysia figuring things out.

I've been thinking so many things at the moment. I sleep late. I've been crying a lot. I feel scared, anxious about things that are about to transpired. I don't know. if there's one thing that keep me going, it's my faith.

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