Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bicol Diary: Calaguas Sunset

When was the last time you glanced at the sky and appreciate its beauty?

This afternoon, when heaven was on its golden hour, I can’t help myself but stared at it. Once again, it was at its finest. Sunset never fails to amaze me. If there will be something I will never get tired of seeing, it would be between the sun kissing the day goodbye and the night coming in. it’s just the best time of the day that reminds me of a lot of beautiful things. It reminds me that God is beyond amazing.

And speaking of Sunset, Calaguas, aside of its crystal clear water and fine sand, this beautiful island also got this amazing view to grasp this wonderful hour that makes someone like me to love this place even more. I won't mind spending again another day or two in this place without internet connection. Srsly, that day when I was there I never felt worried about things in connection with facebook, Instagram or the world wide web itself. The only thing that bothered me that day was having no communication with my loveones. As far as I can remember, I never told them that the place I’m about to set my foot in is a rural kind of area in which you need to take an hour ride of boat before getting back to the urban life. Forget about the big and strong waves you will go through. Lol. And though I was a bit afraid when we already reached the middle where nothing you can see but full body of water, I would still love to go back there and again, gaze up at the sky and be amaze of it. Not to mention the stars falling from the sky I saw that night. It was one of the rare moments I wanna happen again and when it does, I’ll make sure I’m already with someone who makes it even more special. J

How about you? What particular event in your life that makes you feel good or better? I don’t mind if we both have the same in mind. Sunset is just as irresistibly amazing as God. J

Czarinna, a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian by profession who enjoys dressing up, exploring new places and adventures. .

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