Saturday, June 4, 2016

Little things I thank God they Exist

In this generation despite of all the cruelties happening around us now, there are still some things that make me feel grateful about. And those talented and creative people who come up with these brilliant ideas leave me in awe. The stuffs listed below are mostly my companion when I’m alone or sometimes when I wanted to escape once in a while from reality and contemplate.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a cup of coffee every morning, on rainy days or during exams and you need to stay up late at night to study? I must admit that I’m not a coffeeholic kind of person but ever since I had those sleepless nights where I need to stay up late just to review my lessons for the board exam, this caffeinated liquid was my best companion. And whether you agree or not, its smell! I would kill one or two hours inside a coffee shop just to smell the scent of it! One of the best!

Aside of making its lyrics as your status, tweet or caption, the sound of every beat and message of the songs are just a perfect way to lose yourself from stress and mood swings. There is something about it that makes me feel like I’m in another world. And yes! Who wouldn’t feel at ease on listening to mellow playlist when you got your broken? Dear! It’s the best torture! Lol. But! Yeah! Music is one of the reason I thank God I’m alive. *exageratedfeelinginserthere Indeed, classic Abba is true when they sung “thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing, …the joy they’re bringing”. Ops! The song is currently playing. 

First of all I’m not like those book nerds who constantly read books almost everyday of their lives but similar to them after finishing a book, it makes me hard to get over the characters. Give me a week or two to forget the feeling the book left me. lol And personally, book is a big help and one of my best buddy in broadening my vocabulary and that’s the main reason why I like to read. J

Do I need to say more?  I think it’s just the only thing in the world that turns someone from being extrovert into introvert and whose entire life is dependent to anyone but miraculously became independent because why not, she got this whole thing where she could ask something and in secs, the answer is up and yes! Internet got social medias too where a very shy type girl or boy can be a superstar in just a matter of likes of her thousands selfies! Lol! But in my case, it’s different. Aside from helping me easily connected to my friends and loveones, it also made me an instant activist! Haha! But srsly, I thank God world wide web exist because it simply helps me to become a better person by getting inspired by successful people and it allows me to see another side of a person or the world itself. Overall, internet is something I struggle a day without! Lol.
And there you go! Those 4 are just some of the many things that make me feel extra happy and yes! turn me into a constant Thank-God -for-this kind of person every day! How ‘bout you? :)


Czarinna, a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian by profession who enjoys dressing up, exploring new places and adventures. .

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