Saturday, June 11, 2016

Life is short

Have you ever had that dream that you are going to die? And thank Goodness because you were able to wake up before you see yourself in a coffin where people would look at you and feel compassionate about you. Aww. What a nightmare! Death is just a scary word to me.

This morning I just had that kind of dream. I was in a scenario where I’m surrounded by people I knew but I haven’t met yet in personal. We were so happy until a baby polar bear bit my hand that causes my blood in my lower body to run out in exaggerated way. Lol. I can’t explain. And now it’s making me do a research about diagnosis or probabilities that could possibly happen if you are being bitten by those large animals. If I were to base it on the movie “The Revenant” starred by Leonardo DiCaprio where he was attack by a big black Polar bear, I will likely to survived except that it’s a movie and he is the main character which makes him impossible to die. Haha Though at first I thought he will die and get a second life but what happened was, he gradually survived.

Anyway, what makes me came up with this idea of sharing to you about my near death dream is the thought that Life is really short. And just like what happened to Christina earlier today, anyone could lose their one and only life in just a bit of anything. Recently, she was just having her concert and then few hours after, she’s gone. Life is truly unpredictable. No one can actually tell when or how it will be taken from us. And as far as I can vividly remember, throughout that nightmare where I’m about to die, all I’m thinking about was that I’m afraid of leaving my mom and my other loveones that I keep on thinking about them while trying to save my life.

Nevertheless, next thing I know is that I’m not literally and figuratively ready to die yet and I think the only way for me to stop believing the ethos that life is too short is when I already live my life well. As of this time, I still have so much to do with this life I have. I’m not even in the halfway yet. so I hope that God above will allow me to enjoy my life first before my time is up. And though bears are bit of scary, I would still love to see those in reality and no, not to let them eat me like what I had in my dream. haha

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