Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Whipped Sugar Wax and Body Scrub Salon experience

Keeping ourselves well-groomed is one of the things we should look after everyday. Aside from taking a bath and all other proper hygiene practices we do on a daily basis to make us feel good, it's way more comfortable knowing that those areas in our body where unwanted hair are growing are also being removed especially if you are someone who has this physical attributes of being hairy.

 As for me, it's one of the challenges I have- Hair removal. Since I have a shaggy leg and underarm, I make sure that I should have those hair removed regularly so I can walk or raise my hands anytime with confidence. So yes, to keep up with that I have to take them off in the most convenient and possible way I know which is shaving. Yes, I use razor like that which is really a no no. Ask me why? Simply because it leaves your skin rough and wounded. Not to mention, you won't also be able to  remove all those hair from the root. Luckily, I found a new way to take all those insecurities away which is by Waxing and no! it's not the usual waxing that everybody knows, it is not the one that is painful. Sugar waxing I should say. 
A combination of Sugar, lemon and warm water. All natural. :)

Few weeks ago, I went to Fairview Terraces to visit and try one out of 3 branches of Whipped, it's a sugar wax and body scrub salon.  It was my first experience to submit myself in places like this. And it's awesome to have it with them. The staffs are very welcoming! As soon I entered in there pastel colored salon, they greeted with me with their pleasing smiles. 
In regards with the procedure, I had this Caramel Scrubbin in my underarm. In other term, I had my underarm hair from the root removed through sugar wax in a gel form which is not sticky to the skin. I thought it's painful but man, the staff was awesome, she had it all removed without me feeling disturbed. She pulled those hair out bit by bit until the only thing that's left are those tiny hairs that she removed through tweezers. I can tell you now that my perception about waxing has changed. From being time consuming to being painful, now I think about it in opposite way.  At Whipped, they make it easy, convenient and less than what you think is painful. And also, you get to know about the procedure since the staff shares about how it is done or what makes it better compared to other types of waxing. Just like what I said, it's all natural so worry no more from getting rough and darker skin.  

 So yes! I must say that the whole experience was imposing. I will surely come back to try another procedure. They offer variety of sweet services and it's affordable! 

 2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing, Alabang Town Center
 2nd Floor, Eight Forbes Town Center
3rd Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces

 For bookings and inquiries:
Contact Number: 09172405330
email add: whippedphilippines@gmail.com

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What's up with me lately?

Have you been in a situation where you dream becoming a Princess, a multimillionaire or simply someone who just nailed her dream job? Have your imaginations took you to another place where you forget about the current situation you're in? And somehow, Are those pictures you captured in mind came into reality? Well, tbh, it may sound unbelievable but yes! Anything could happen so be careful what you wish for! :)

So to answer those queries and make up for my more than a week absence, here is my new entry sharing some of the events that took in their place many days ago. Events that I thought will only exist in my mind

June until the second week of July has been a joyous and challenging ride for me. Never did I imagine in a span of 6 weeks, a lot could actually happen, in my life at least.  So to share some of them, here it goes:

First, I got invited to be a guest on a TV Show
Yes. You read it guys. Until now, I still feel a bit of giddy each time I remember that day we taped for one of the Modern Girls's upcoming episode. I have always been dreaming to be seen on TV but I never really thought that in just one text, one recommendation by a friend, just like that it could happen. Man, the feeling I felt when I passed the board examination was exactly the same feeling I got when they called me. I was so high and feel like crying at the same time. #OverwhelmingJoy it is. I'll be sharing about it in a separate post. :)

Second, when someone from Marketing department of a company/business unexpectedly contacted and collaborated with me to be part of the influencers/ambassadors of their brand. As someone who just started or giving her blog another try, it really feels so good to be recognized especially now that there are also other many bloggers out there who managed to established their own names already. It was indeed a good idea to follow your heart sometimes. I was just dreaming this before but now, it actually on my hands. Not to mention, I had my first session with them already. I'll keep you posted on that! :)

Lastly, in regards with my career as a Nutritionist Dietitian, I'm so happy that the company I'm currently employed to appreciated all my efforts and look beyond my shortcomings to let me be in their top performers and give this another opportunity to remain part of this new project. Few weeks ago, I won't deny the fact that I felt some anxiety about being not selected but thank God, out of 60 only 29 of us are left. That scared me to death because I was not really anticipating such changes since I signed my contract but then no more worries now, I'm in! :)

And that's it! For now, I'm just completely happy that the universe is currently turning in my favor and seeing that those I just prayed before are really happening now, I have no time for negative things, Sorry! :) True enough,by just keeping the faith and believing yourself despite the doubts of others, you can go somewhere. :) 

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Friday, July 8, 2016

What I wore in Pinto Art Museum

Before another weekend hits, I just want to share some snippets on what I wore last week during our getaway in Antipolo  with my new found friend. Aside from attending her goddaughter's birthday, we decided to visit Pinto Art Museum/Gallery. I learned about this place online and I had to say that this place is really beautiful as those pictures I saw on Instagram. When we were there, I must admit that we arrived a bit late to see everything that you can find there. I missed some spots that I should have my camera captured. However, this calls for a comeback! I make sure that I will be taking more pictures and take a look of those spots I haven't seen yet and yes, another thing I will not definitely go there during weekend or holiday or else my photos will be filled of photobombers. Last time I checked, I encountered a very self-centered insensitive couple who terribly overused that one spot where some people including me waiting for it to be emptied but it seemed like the girl who I deemed was having a bad hair day or maybe just don't look good on her photos relentlessly asked her very supportive boyfriend to take countless photos of her. *rollingmyeyes  Advisory: Don't be too insensitive in public that will make people around you cursed you to death. :)   

There you go! Off-shoulder and skirt is my choice of outfit at the moment. Showing my barely naked shoulder brings me a sexy and girly vibes. And I couldn’t be more comfortable than wearing something romantic, simple but chic outfit. To make it more sweet, I decided to pair it with choker, hat and laced shoes! So that's it!

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Bag of Beans, Tagaytay

Each time I visit a particular place, aside of the attractions it has I always look up to restaurants, coffee shops and anything alike that could actually offer me another experience that will not just feed my mind or soul but also my never-been-full stomach. (lol) When I was in Tagaytay, other than seeing its beauty with my special one I thought of dropping by in one of their famous coffee shops there.

Bag of Beans is a bed and breakfast wherein they offer A la carte and buffet menus to everyone. I first saw it online when I was searching some places to go other than sightseeing the famous Taal Lake. Some people who are talking about it shared about the coffees and other specialties they have. One thing that really captured my attention was when I learned that they serve this kind of cheesecake that is different from other coffee shops. If you are someone who knows me well, you would know that I'm such a sucker of that dessert that I even made myself more than once just to satisfy my cravings. So as soon as I read their positive feedback about the food and the place, I see to it that I included it to our itinerary.

And so after our quick stay in Picnic grove, we went to their one out of four branches. It's located in Aguinaldo Highway where you can also wait and ride a bus to Manila. The ambiance there, just like any other coffee shops I've already been to is relaxing. It's just that Bag of beans got something that connects you to the nature since some part of it is open which makes you feel the cold Tagaytay weather. Not to mention, we also also got a glimpse of the Taal lake while satisfying our stomachs of their delicious creamy Cheesecake and sipping their special barako that just makes our stay more special. As you can see, it's a perfect dating place for sweethearts. It was a fairy tale like feeling to experience such scene with someone I dearly love. Cold weather, pleasant smell of the coffee and the sound of birds singing around, Perfect. We will surely comeback!

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Tagaytay with Love

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went to Tagaytay City. It was actually an abrupt getaway.We are not planning to go there anytime soon but since going to a historical place on a Monday is not a good idea, we decided, I decided I should say to just visit Tagaytay since it's just located nearby the City.

Supposedly, it's just a 1 or 2 hour ride from the City but in our case, we traveled almost 5 hours because Hello! we're in Metro Manila! As we know it, this is where heavy traffic happens. Mind you, we got to finish watching the NBA Finals while simultaneously making our way to Pasay by bus for another ride to Tagaytay. It was one of my worst decisions to ride a public transit like Bus on a Monday in Metro Manila. Anyway,protest aside we arrived safely to our destination past 1 in the afternoon already.

As soon as we got there, we went straight to Picnic Grove. It's a common attraction in the City. It's been around for a long time and it's my second time to visit the place. There, you will be able to see the panoramic view of Taal Volcano. The place still remains as it is when I first set my foot there, Cottages, Souvenir shops, restaurants and different recreational activities like Horseback riding and zip line are still up to this time. Not to mention, you can also ride a boat going to the crater of Taal Lake which is kind of expensive. Boyfriend and I didn't try any of those. We just mainly took as many pictures as we can and filled our stomach of different foods we saw along the way while taking advantage of the cold weather and appreciating the picturesque view of the place.

Tagaytay despite being a mainstream to many, It never fails anyone especially those who are used to hustle and bustle to loosen up and de-stress. As for my boyfriend and I, we were so happy to finally enjoy our time together after months of being consumed by our regular jobs. It happens once in a blue moon only for us to go to a place like  this so we made sure that we really enjoyed the moment. <3

Anyway, the entrance fee in Picnic Grove is 50.00 only.

Unveiling this place on my next post. Hold on there. :)

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