Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What's up with me lately?

Have you been in a situation where you dream becoming a Princess, a multimillionaire or simply someone who just nailed her dream job? Have your imaginations took you to another place where you forget about the current situation you're in? And somehow, Are those pictures you captured in mind came into reality? Well, tbh, it may sound unbelievable but yes! Anything could happen so be careful what you wish for! :)

So to answer those queries and make up for my more than a week absence, here is my new entry sharing some of the events that took in their place many days ago. Events that I thought will only exist in my mind

June until the second week of July has been a joyous and challenging ride for me. Never did I imagine in a span of 6 weeks, a lot could actually happen, in my life at least.  So to share some of them, here it goes:

First, I got invited to be a guest on a TV Show
Yes. You read it guys. Until now, I still feel a bit of giddy each time I remember that day we taped for one of the Modern Girls's upcoming episode. I have always been dreaming to be seen on TV but I never really thought that in just one text, one recommendation by a friend, just like that it could happen. Man, the feeling I felt when I passed the board examination was exactly the same feeling I got when they called me. I was so high and feel like crying at the same time. #OverwhelmingJoy it is. I'll be sharing about it in a separate post. :)

Second, when someone from Marketing department of a company/business unexpectedly contacted and collaborated with me to be part of the influencers/ambassadors of their brand. As someone who just started or giving her blog another try, it really feels so good to be recognized especially now that there are also other many bloggers out there who managed to established their own names already. It was indeed a good idea to follow your heart sometimes. I was just dreaming this before but now, it actually on my hands. Not to mention, I had my first session with them already. I'll keep you posted on that! :)

Lastly, in regards with my career as a Nutritionist Dietitian, I'm so happy that the company I'm currently employed to appreciated all my efforts and look beyond my shortcomings to let me be in their top performers and give this another opportunity to remain part of this new project. Few weeks ago, I won't deny the fact that I felt some anxiety about being not selected but thank God, out of 60 only 29 of us are left. That scared me to death because I was not really anticipating such changes since I signed my contract but then no more worries now, I'm in! :)

And that's it! For now, I'm just completely happy that the universe is currently turning in my favor and seeing that those I just prayed before are really happening now, I have no time for negative things, Sorry! :) True enough,by just keeping the faith and believing yourself despite the doubts of others, you can go somewhere. :) 

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