Friday, July 8, 2016

What I wore in Pinto Art Museum

Before another weekend hits, I just want to share some snippets on what I wore last week during our getaway in Antipolo  with my new found friend. Aside from attending her goddaughter's birthday, we decided to visit Pinto Art Museum/Gallery. I learned about this place online and I had to say that this place is really beautiful as those pictures I saw on Instagram. When we were there, I must admit that we arrived a bit late to see everything that you can find there. I missed some spots that I should have my camera captured. However, this calls for a comeback! I make sure that I will be taking more pictures and take a look of those spots I haven't seen yet and yes, another thing I will not definitely go there during weekend or holiday or else my photos will be filled of photobombers. Last time I checked, I encountered a very self-centered insensitive couple who terribly overused that one spot where some people including me waiting for it to be emptied but it seemed like the girl who I deemed was having a bad hair day or maybe just don't look good on her photos relentlessly asked her very supportive boyfriend to take countless photos of her. *rollingmyeyes  Advisory: Don't be too insensitive in public that will make people around you cursed you to death. :)   

There you go! Off-shoulder and skirt is my choice of outfit at the moment. Showing my barely naked shoulder brings me a sexy and girly vibes. And I couldn’t be more comfortable than wearing something romantic, simple but chic outfit. To make it more sweet, I decided to pair it with choker, hat and laced shoes! So that's it!

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